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Online pet health provides owners with the knowledge and information to be actively involved in the management of their pets’ mobility and musculoskeletal health.

Discover natural solutions to managing your pets’ health and mobility from certified canine rehabilitation practitioner and qualified veterinary surgeon, Dr. Megan Kelly. With 15 years’ veterinary experience, Dr. Kelly has successfully treated thousands of pets in her veterinary rehabilitation clinic. Now, she gives you the tools and knowledge she uses on a daily basis to improve your pets mobility, strength and quality of life.

No equipment is needed. For optimum joint health, walking your dog daily is insufficient – pets, like humans, need to do specific exercises that target the muscles that support joints.

We offer three online courses that impart the knowledge needed to help strengthen your pet’s muscles. Choose the course that best meets your needs or scroll to the bottom for the “Purchase All Three” option.


This course will get your pooch moving with 7 easy exercises to do daily.

We’re all aware of the importance of strengthening exercises for our own bone and joint health, but how many of us realise how essential such exercises are for our pets? As we age, both humans and animals are predisposed to age-related muscle wastage. This affects our health and the health of our pets in various ways in decreased mobility and joint support, decreased metabolic function and increased weight.

Muscles do more than help us move they also play a vital role in stabilizing joints, keeping them healthy and mobile. Researchers have found that weak muscles are closely associated with osteoarthritis; the weaker the muscle, the more unstable the joint becomes, foreshadowing and exacerbating osteoarthritis. Muscle strengthening exercises help to prevent injuries and can appreciably slow down your pet’s arthritic condition.

This course comprises:

  • Easy-to-follow videos explaining how to do each exercise.
  • A printout of the exercises and the program.
  • Start building your pet’s core muscles and joint-stabilizing muscles by doing the targeted exercises explained in detail on the course. A few simple, correctly done exercises will go a long way to strengthening those muscles and slowing down the progression of your pet’s arthritis.
  • The workout is for any age, any breed. All dogs will benefit.

So let’s get your pet moving! Start the easy-to-follow, easy-to-do 7-minute doggy work out today!


This course is for pet owners who want to do a little more than the 7- minute workout. Receive 28 different therapeutic exercise videos to do with your pet to improve strength and mobility. Take control of your pet’s health and mobility by following this easy, 12-week strengthening program.

By doing these simple exercises a few times a week you will help to strengthen the muscles needed to support your pet’s arthritic joints. The more stable the joints, the lower the pain experienced. 

  • Is your pet taking anti-inflammatories and painkillers regularly for joint or muscle pain?
  • Are you concerned about the side effects of these medications? 
  • Reduced pain will reduce the need for anti-inflammatories and pain-killers.
  • Choosing a more natural, effective and lasting approach to managing your pet’s condition is the wisest approach.
  • Receive tips on natural therapies, supplements, and the successful 12-week strengthening program. Your pet may well be 12 weeks away from improved mobility and a pain-free life.

Slow down the progression of your pet’s condition by taking control and acting now.

Module #1 Contents

In Module One, arthritis and the symtoms to look out for are  explained in some detail. I explain muscle wasteage, and the importance of strengthening specific muscles so that joints are made more stable over the long term.

Module #2 Contents

Module 2 comprises 12 weeks of exercises for you and your pet to do at home and during walks. Each week you will have access to videos explaining how to do certain exercises, and giving an exercise plan for the week. In weeks 11 and 12 we discuss the maintenance program which you will continue to do with your pet to ensure maintenance of the muscle strength built up over the 12-week period.

Purchase this course today for a better quality of life for your much-loved pet!

“I enjoy the videos very much and I find them really easy to understand. Since starting the course, Milla seems to be moving better and playing for much longer.”

Koos with Milla, German Shepherd with Hip dysplasia

“We have definitely seen an improvement. Zack (11) seems a lot happier, much bouncier and more playful.”

Sol Bosch with Zack


Take control of your pet’s health and build the bond between you and your pet by following this easy, weekly exercise and massage program.

I will teach you basic anatomy, the techniques of massage, and four massage routines that you can use on any pet, including performance animals, pets suffering from a joint or muscle condition, or anxious, highy strung pets. Massage is a great way to reinforce the bond between human and pet.

  • Is your pet suffering from a muscle or joint condition?
  • Are you looking for a more natural approach to managing your pet’s condition?
  • Use massage for optimum function in performance pets.
  • Massage is also a great way to control stress and anxiety in highly strung pets.

Massage Course Introduction

In the introduction,  I will explain the benefits of massage as well as when to massage and when not to massage. We will also go through some basic anatomy before discussing the various massage techniques. Lastly, I will discuss stretching and when and how to use heat therapy.

Massage Routines

I will explain how to do the relaxation routine, maintenance routine, warm-up and warm-down routines.

Purchase this course today for a better quality of life for your much-loved pet!

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and my interest in this course was really because I am the proud owner of four elderly cats and one very nervous chinchilla. I have applied the massaging techniques and they thoroughly enjoy it. The chinchilla is less skittish and not as nervous and it seems like I have a closer bond with all my kitties.”

Joanne Kontaxapoulous

“I really found my experience with the dog massage and acupressure very exciting and I continue to practice on all the animals I meet.”

Candice Jones


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